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Suffering from the inability to achieve an erection?

Our concealed Penile Implants are the solution!

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Early Treatment Available

Yes, For the patients who want a speedy penile implant surgery will be treated without giving any long wait dates.

Hospitalization Required

Yes, At least 24 hours of hospitalization is required.

Most advanced Penile Implants Available

Yes, The most advanced three-piece inflatable penile implants are available for the increase in erection as well as for the girth expansion.

Same Day Appointment Available

Yes, You can even book an appointment online on this website according to your convenience.

Success Rate

Dr. Vineet’s Penile Implant patients have reported a 100% success rate.


You will be discharged after one or two days.

About Penile Implants Treatment in Delhi

Penile Implants are the ultimate treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Men. When the patient is not able to initiate or sustain an erection then it is known as the erectile dysfunction. This penile implant surgery is only taken into account when all the conservative measures like medications and hormone therapies fail.

These are the inflatable devices which are applied inside the penis to ensure a full erection, whenever required. The erection is easy to obtain and simply putting down the penis will make the erection go away.

When classified broadly, two types of penile implants are there:

  1. Positionable or malleable Implants – It is the simplest type of implant and is rarely used nowadays. It has just one piece of malleable road that is placed inside the penis. Simply need to be lifted to achieve an erection and can be bent down when an erection is not required.
  2. Inflatable Implants – These are the most advanced and high performing implants and they just need to be inflated to get an erection. They can be either one piece, two pieces or three pieces. Where three-piece is the most advanced type, this inflatable implant
  • A reservoir that is implanted in the lower abdomen
  • A  pump implanted inside the scrotum
  • Two cylinders implanted inside the penis

These implants are more natural in nature and to activate it, the person needs to press the pump. After which, the pump transfers the fluid into the cylinders in penis thus making a rigid erection and expanding the girth of it. The device can be deflated after pressing on the deflation valve.For more information and common queries, read our FAQs section on this page.

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Penile Implant Treatment FAQs

No, all the penile implants are implanted inside the penis and the reproductive system. So no visibility of implants outside the skin.

Yes, it is. Simply press the pump to inflate it and press the release valve to deflate.

Yes, the inflatable pumps are flaccid when not in use thus making them very comfortable for the patient.

The inflatable implants are very light on the penis when not erect. So the chances of any side-effects are quite unlikely.

The patient is discharged after 1 or 2 days after surgery.

If You are looking for a urologist who knows his job well and is quite confident about his work, then choose Dr Vineet Malhotra. He is the best Urologist I have come across. Wish you all the luck Dr Vineet.

About Dr Vineet Malhotra

Dr. Vineet Malhotra is not just the expert but a trainer in the field of urology and andrology. His 17 years of experience in the field of urology and male fertility is commendable. Apart from authoring textbook chapters and research papers, Dr. Vineet has represented various research papers in the famous international and national conferences, including the Cleveland clinic conference, Ohio. Dr. Vineet has also served as a faculty in andrology in Nepal TUTH.

He has taken the penile implants and other laparoscopic minimally invasive kidney and urinary system surgeries to the new heights. After doing his MD in general surgery from GMC Nagpur, he has completed his DNB in urology and andrology from the prestigious Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital at Nadiad, Gujarat. He has trained many surgeons in the techniques like Holmium Laser Prostate and Kidney stone surgery.

Dr. Vineet is a well-known name and one of the best surgeons in India for male infertility, male sexual health, and penile implants treatment. Being an advisory board member of Men’s Health Society of India, and an active member of Urology society of India, International Society for Sexual Medicine, American and European Urological Association etc, He is always at front with the most recent advances in the field of Uro-andrology.

is expertise in dealing with patients with impotence, erectile dysfunction, male infertility and related men’s health problems are recognized around the world and he has treated patients from all around the world for the same. Dr. Vineet Malhotra is the Clinical Director at Diyo’s Men Health Hospital, Delhi.

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