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Emergency Treatment Available

Yes, We are always equipped to provide the best emergency treatment for Kidney Diseases.


Hospitalization Required

Yes, Hospitalization of about 2 to 4 days will be required depending upon the type of surgery


Kidney Surgery Treatment Available

Yes, All kind of kidney diseases treatment available (Surgical & Medical).


Same Day Appointment Available

Yes, You can even book an online appointment on this website.


Success Rate

Dr. Vineet’s surgery has a very high success rate as they are done by using minimally invasive procedures.



You will be up and about in just 2 to 4 days. Any strenuous activities should be avoided till 2 to 3 weeks.

Dr. Vineet Malhotra is not just the expert but a trainer in the field of urology and andrology. His 17 years of experience in the field of urology and male fertility is commendable. Apart from authoring textbook chapters and research papers, Dr. Vineet has represented various research papers in the famous international and national conferences, including the Cleveland clinic conference, Ohio. Dr. Vineet has also served as a faculty in andrology in Nepal TUTH.


He has taken the penile implants and other laparoscopic minimally invasive kidney and urinary system surgeries to the new heights. After doing his MD in general surgery from GMC Nagpur, he has completed his DNB in urology and andrology from the prestigious Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital at Nadiad, Gujarat. He has trained many surgeons in the techniques like Holmium Laser Prostate and Kidney stone surgery.


Dr. Vineet is a well-known name and one of the best surgeons in India for male infertility, male sexual health, and penile implants treatment. Being an advisory board member of Men’s Health Society of India, and an active member of Urology society of India, International Society for Sexual Medicine, American and European Urological Association etc, He is always at front with the most recent advances in the field of Uro-andrology.


His expertise in dealing with patients with impotence, erectile dysfunction, male infertility and related men’s health problems are recognized around the world and he has treated patients from all around the world for the same. Dr. Vineet Malhotra is the Clinical Director at Diyo’s Men Health Hospital, Delhi.

Laparoscopic surgeries are performed to minimize the surgical trauma to the patient and ensure faster recovery. As in the normal open surgeries, a wide incision is made and this leads to blood loss and thus more trauma to the internal organs.

Whereas, the laparoscopic surgery will have just small holes for the passage of tiny instruments inside the body and the repair is done under the guidance of a camera.

Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty 

There is a tube that connects the kidney to the urethra. Urine passes through kidney to the bladder via this tube called as Ureter. Sometimes this tube gets narrowed or blocked thus leading to the improper passage of urine and kidney infections as well.

So the procedure to remove this narrowed part of ureter tube is known as Pyeloplasty.

In the Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty, the whole abdomen is not incised but some small holes are made and laparoscopic instrument enters through them. This narrowed part of the ureter is removed and the two ends are then widely sutured so that no narrowing can occur in future.

Laparoscopic Nephrectomy 

This is the surgery performed to remove a kidney by a laparoscope. The surgery is carried out due to following conditions:

  • Non-functional Kidney
  • Damaged Kidney due to any trauma
  • Recurrent infections of Kidney
  • Internal bleeding from kidney that can not be stopped by other measures
  • Kidney Cancer etc.
Question 1. How many days of hospitalization is required for laparoscopic pyeloplasty or nephrectomy?

Answer. You will spend just 2 to 4 days in the hospital for the surgery.


Question 2. What precautions should be taken prior to the surgery?

Answer. Don’t eat or drink anything 6 to 8 hours prior to the surgery.


Question 3. Will anesthesia be given to me?

Answer. Yes, You will be given anesthesia during the procedure so the procedure will be painless.


Question 4. What precautions should be taken after the surgery?

Answer. You are advised not to lift any heavy weights or strenuous activities for 2-3 weeks after surgery. Also, you are advised not to miss your follow up visits.

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