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With about 50 million people suffering from diabetes, India has become the diabetes capital of the world. About half of the men who are diagnosed with type-2 diabetes develop Erectile Dysfunction (ED) within five to 10 years of their diagnosis. Long work hours, fatigue and stressful work environment is often blamed for the lower sex drive in men. This is often associated with their partner’s reluctance to discuss their sexual problems.
Hence, ED remains an under-discussed, under-recognized and commonly untreated complication of diabetes. According to studies, 35 percent to 75 percent of men with diabetes experience ED (impotence) during their lifetime. Diabetic men are more prone to erectile dysfunction as compared to the non-diabetic males.
About 60 percent of men with diabetes above the age of 50 have difficulty having an erection. Signs of a normal erectile function must be exhibited by every male such as –
● He must have libido (sex-drive) for his partner,
● He should be able to divert blood from the arteries into the penis to achieve tumescence adequate for penetration
● He should also be able to discharge sperm and seminal fluid through his urethra and experience a sense of orgasm.
All these functions must be present in a sexually healthy and potent male. In India, Erectile dysfunction has been considered as a matter of shame or embarrassment for the male. People don’t want to talk about it, they think of it as a taboo to have ED and talk about it. So people visit the quacks more often than the qualified doctors or andrologists. Treatment of Erectile dysfunction is possible, one just needs the right doctor for it.

How is Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes Related?

Person checking blood sugar levels, relationship between diabetes and erectile dysfunction
Nitric oxide is the main chemical that is released into a male bloodstream when he becomes sexually aroused. Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels in penis which results in improved blood flow to it. This relaxation of the blood vessels helps the chambers inside penis to get filled easily, thereby making it erect. However, if the diabetes is not managed properly , then these unstable blood sugar levels lead to the damage of the nerves and arteries. If the blood sugar levels are high, less nitric oxide is produced in the body which in turn leads to difficulty or inability to keep an erection.
“Due to low levels of nitric oxide in diabetes patients, erectile dysfunction is quite common. Some quite effective lifestyle changes to treat ED are
● Weight reduction (in obese patients)
● Quit Smoking
● Less Consumption of alcohol
● Physical Activity
● Discuss the sexual issues with your partner ,” said Dr. Vineet Malhotra.

What are the Treatment Measures for Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment measures of Erectile Dysfunction
ED has so many treatment options available. They range from counselling, medicines, lifestyle changes, Injections, vacuum pumps to penile implants. Here is an overview of all the treatment methods available to treat ED –
1. Medication – Medicines like Viagra or Cialis are most commonly chosen to treat ED. However the other medicines the patient is taking and the ailments he is having needs to be considered before prescribing the medicines.
2. Suppositories – Pallets are places inside the penis, that is in the urethra. These pallets help in improving the blood flow to the penis, thus leading to an erection.
3. Injections – These injections are also very effective treatment method for ED treatment. Injection is given at the base of the penis to boost the blood flow thereby achieving an erection.
4. Vacuum Pumps – These pumps have a cylindrical tube that is placed over the penis to create vacuum in it. The vacuum pulls the blood inside the penis, which results in an erection. This erection is lasted by placing a tension ring at the base of penis to prevent the back-flow of blood.

Penile Implants – The Revolutionary Product for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

penile implants for ED treatment Delhi, happy couple
This revolutionary biotechnology product has treated millions of severe erectile dysfunction cases. It has proven to be a boon for those who failed to respond to medicines and injections. Penile implants have some huge advantages over the traditional vacuum pumps and other ED treatment measures. They are fully concealed inside the penis and always provide a full erection. Penile Implants are of two types –
1. Malleable Penile Implants – These are the bendable implants concealed inside the penis. They can be bent in order to achieve the right position for intercourse.
2. Inflatable Penile Implants – These are the best penile implant options till date. As the name suggests, they inflate by pressing a concealed pump inside the scrotum. They can be deflated by using the deflating button. The inflatable implants also provide slight increase in girth and size of penis when inflated.
So Erectile Dysfunction is treatable and the andrologist must be consulted for a permanent treatment. Even severe erectile dysfunction can be treated with the help of penile implants. All the patient needs to do is to talk to his doctor!

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